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Shen is a hosted language that comes with a macro system, optional type system based on sequent calculus, pattern matching, λ calculus consistency, optional lazy evaluation, an integrated prolog and compiler-compiler.

This is an Egg to run Shen on the Chicken Scheme platform. It includes a standalone binary chicken-shen that provides a REPL and a shen library to use Shen inside Scheme.

Getting Chicken Shen

To get the source code you can either clone it using Fossil SCM or download a tar ball.

Clone the fossil

fossil clone chicken-shen.fossil

mkdir chicken-shen

cd chicken-shen

fossil open ../chicken-shen.fossil

Download Source Code



To install this egg you can simply type:

$ chicken-install chicken-shen

at the terminal or manually download and compile the code using:

cd chicken-shen

sudo chicken-install